Children’s Services


MUST LOVE KIDS! METS is your one stop shop for all your child education and care qualification needs. It is no secret that today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Whether you are an educator, carer, youth worker, counsellor or community worker – the adults who surround children are vital to their upbringing. Make a difference in a child’s life and explore the different educational options under the childcare umbrella.

Community Services


Some of us are searching for something more in our careers.  Not only do we want a career that will allow us to be successful but we want (desperately!) a meaningful career that will bring deeper fulfilment to us and others. If you are as passionate about helping others reach their full potential as we are, you have found the perfect fit with a career in Community Services and Care, also known as the helping industry. Whether you have aspirations to take care of others, help those in need or give back to your community, these courses are the vehicle to get you into a helping profession.  If you are someone who is driven to help then it’s time to take action and study a course in this rewarding field.

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