LearnAbility is a unique new learning program that offers a pathway to employment, through a combined on the job work experience program whilst students gain a nationally recognised statement of attainment. We also customise this program to meet the needs of people with learning difficulties and disabilities.


Learners will complete a short nationally-recognised skill set that may lead to further traineeship opportunities in full qualifications.


Learners have the opportunity to undertake practical work placements in:


What does the program look like?


The program includes:


• Four to six weeks on the job learning, with two days per week practical work experience supported by your trainer

Induction to the specific industry

• Completion of a short nationally-recognized skill set

• Skill development and capability building in small groups designed to secure employment opportunities

Small group sessions designed to minimise anxiety, build self-confidence and encourage self-advocacy 

What you will learn


LearnAbility@METS empowers you to take that next step towards your employment goals, and in the process grow in confidence and independence.


Our trainers have a passion for the subjects they teach and experience providing guided practice, additional support and positive and constructive feedback. We aim to maximise the experience for our learners to achieve a high rate of progress in their work and life goals.

LearnAbility@METS supports learners to:


Develop new skills and build confidence

• Identify work goals and test these in practical work placements

• Explore training and education pathways to jobs

• Develop employability skills

• Enhance transferable skills

• Acquire practical on-the-job experience

• Gain nationally-recognised Units of Competency

Calling on employers committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace?  


It is well known that diverse teams foster greater employee engagement and productivity, better problem-solving abilities, tapping into varying perspectives leading to greater levels of innovation. 


METS is passionate about developing strong links with industry and employers seeking to build or improve upon their DEI programs. Join us in a partnership that’s transforming individual lives and communities.  


If you are interested in running a LearnAbility program at your workplace, we would love to work with you on customising a program to meet your specific needs.  

Please contact us by email at learnability@mets.edu.au 

What Evidence is accepted for the RPL Process?

The processes used to assess RPL applications may take several (not mutually exclusive) forms, for example:


  • assessment based on a portfolio of evidence;
  • direct observation of demonstration of skill or competence;
  • reflective papers, journals or portfolios that relate past learning to the learning or competency outcomes of the current course or qualification;
  • provision of examples of work drawn from the workplace, social, community or other setting in which you may apply your learning, skill or competence;
  • testimonials of learning, skill or competence
  • participation in exactly the same or modified versions of the assessment you  would be required to complete as part of the full course; and
  • combinations of any of the above


Please note: All evidence submitted must be your own or directly relate to yourself.

What support will be given to students during the RPL process?


  • Learners will be provided with advice about the assessment processes including assistance with identifying the evidence required
  • METS will attempt to accommodate assessment methods to the literacy levels, cultural background and educational background and experiences of learners.
  • METS assessment methods provide a range of ways for learners to demonstrate that they have met the required outcomes


METS can not help you decide which units to apply for RPL as this is a personal assessment based on your past acquired skills and experience, although we are happy to help you and offer assistance in the RPL process.

When should I apply for RPL?

RPL is offered to learners prior to, at enrolment and is also available at other times throughout a learners training. It is recommended that learners identify whether they will be applying for RPL before commencing the given course, although we understand that this is not always practical.  Some learners may identify an opportunity for RPL perhaps half-way through the course, in which case we will endeavor to make this possible for you.

Next steps?

The RPL process can be in-depth, can take time, and may not be suitable for everyone. If you are interested in applying for RPL please contact us to register your interest and discuss the best options for you. If you would like to continue, you can then complete an enrolment form and begin your RPL process.