Fee and Refund Policy

Fee and Refund Policy

Smart and Skilled subsidised training (including New Entrant Traineeships)

If you are eligible for subsidised training under Smart and Skilled, you pay only a portion of the training cost. The rest is subsidised by the NSW Government. Learner fees are set for the whole qualification, rather than year-by-year. With Smart and Skilled, you know exactly what your fees will be upfront from the outset, regardless of how long it takes to complete your qualification. Your learner fee covers the cost of all training and assessment.

METS will advise you of the calculated learner fee through way of a quote for your course, based on the information you provide to us and any additional charges for your training.

Adjustments are made to fees for part qualifications, recognition of prior learning (RPL) and credit transfer.

Other exemptions and concessions are applicable. To find out more about Smart and Skilled funding and eligibility requirements. visit: https://www.training.nsw.gov.au/smartandskilled/prices_fees.html

METS complies with the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy:


Fee for Service Traineeships and Self-funded Learners

For information on course fees for Fee for Service Traineeships and Self-funded learners please contact the METS office and speak to our staff or see the METS 2020 Fee Schedule.

We will determine the course fee based on the information you give us and will advise you of all costs prior to enrolment. Adjustments are made to fees for part qualifications, recognition of prior learning and credit transfer. METS offer a payment plan through Debit Success, either weekly or fortnightly. Full payment of the learner fee must be made by the completion of the qualification.

Fee Information for all students

Where a learner chooses to pay their course fee by instalments with Debit Success, the learner will incur a $10 administration fee payable to Debit Success with the first instalment.

Where a learner has chosen to pay by instalments through Debit Success and defaults or otherwise misses a payment or is in arrears, the Contract terms and Conditions of Debit Success will apply.

Extra Charges which may be applicable include:

  • Replacement certificate or statement of attainment $25
  • ‘Fast-tracking’ certificate issuing $35
  • Reassessment/resubmission fee (3 re-attempts given at no cost) $50 per re-attempt
    Photocopying $1 (per page)


A refund of all or part of the course fee or concession fee may be granted in the following circumstances:

  • The learner may claim a full refund of any fees paid in full prior to the date the enrolment is completed. The day of enrolment is the “withdrawal with no penalty” cut-off date. The learner must notify METS in writing with their intention to withdraw from training.
  • Learners who have overpaid the course fees.
  • Where an eligible subsidised learner is granted Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) after enrolment or after a learner commences a qualification, METS will report the outcome to State Training Services (STS) and they will adjust the learner fee accordingly. METS will advise the learner of the adjusted fee and will refund any overpayment of fees with regard to RPL or CT granted.
  • In the event that METS cancels the course or no longer provides the training and when the learner has paid the full course fee, the learner will be refunded the portion of the fee that applies to the training that has not been delivered.
  • Where the learner’s application for enrolment has been refused.
  • Pro rata refund of fees (calculated from the date of enrolment to dat of cancellation), may be made at any time during the course delivery if the learner withdraws for reasons of personal circumstances beyond their control including but not limited to:
    • Serious illness resulting in extended absence from classes
    • Injury or disability that prevents the learner from completing their program of study
    • Other exceptional circumstances at the discretion of METS.


It is the discretion of METS Management to approve refunds in the event of extenuating and/or personal circumstances, in line with contractual requirements. In this event, the learner may be offered a credit towards another course.

A request for refund must be made in writing within 28 days of the withdrawal/cancellation of training.

Where the course fee is paid by instalment:

  • When a learner cancellation is received, your direct debit payments will be cancelled as at the month notified
  • A learner’s overall course fees will be reviewed in line with the course duration and any outstanding fees will be invoiced directly.


All refund requests must be made in writing, to the attention of the RTO Manager and sent to: accounts@mets.org.au