Employer Traineeship Guide

Employer Traineeship Guide

Looking for a training provider for your business? We’ve supported hundreds of businesses, just like yours.

Whether you’re looking for up skill support or to train new employees, we can help. We cater to small, medium and large businesses, government, community and not for profit organisations. We value learners and employers from diverse cultural backgrounds. The integrity of our institution is highly recognised within the sector.

Traineeship outcomes achieved through METS are well above the Australian National Average, to which is a reflection of not only the calibre of our learners but also the delivery and support METS clients receive from our trainers and beyond.

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What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is typically a year-long program that combines two primary modes of training: In classroom learning, for structured learning opportunities, and on-the-job training. Once trainees complete all of the course requirements, they will receive a Certificate from a nationally recognised accredited program.

There are two different types of traineeships:

A New Entrant Traineeship is available to anyone within the first 3 months of commencing full time employment with an employer. They may also qualify if they are within the first 12 months of a part-time employment arrangement or within 3 months of completing a pre-requisite qualification.

Like any traineeship, your trainee will gain on the job experience whilst completing a qualification and will receive support and feedback throughout the duration of their studies. New Entrant Traineeships are available for almost all of METS qualifications, as long as the student is eligible for this kind of study.

Where a person is not eligible to be classified as a new entrant trainee, but still wishes to undertake a traineeship, they will be classified as an Existing Worker Trainee.

Like any traineeship, your employee will gain on the job experience whilst completing a qualification and will receive support and feedback from both you and METS throughout the duration of their studies. However, unlike New Entrant Traineeships, the NSW State Government does not fund METS for Existing Worker Traineeships and therefore we must invoice you, the employer, to cover the training costs. In most cases the incentives the employer receives from the Commonwealth Government will offset these costs.

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